We campaign around the world, both in the countries where we work on the ground, and in the member countries where we also fundraise. Here are a few recent examples:


In 2012, we partnered with Micah Challenge to create the 'Toilet Tour'. Ahead of World Toilet Day on 19 November 2012, a giant toilet will visit 35 key electorates to raise awareness about the water and sanitation crisis!

Supporters around Australia are being encouraged to set up their own toilet tour events. MPs visiting the toilet during the tour will be asked to encourage the Australia Government to increase its funding for water, sanitation and hygiene.

Find out more about our campaigning activities in Australia here and visit the Toilet Tour site here >


Working with local partners, we have successfully campaigned for more and better water and sanitation delivery across Madagascar. Our recent campaigning activities have included a "Walk for Water and Sanitation", with several thousand supporters and a series of flash mob events on World Water Day 2012.

We also campaign with a diverse range of local partners, such as the Scouts. Together we have produced a series of music videos about the importance of water and sanitation, watched by thousands of young scouts, who are becoming future advocates for better access to water and sanitation.


Over the last two years, thousands of supporters have called on the UK Government to increase its funding for water, sanitation and hygiene projects in developing countries. From setting a new world record for the world's longest toilet queue to writing to MPs, all these activities helped to secure a doubling of UK aid for water and sanitation.

You can find out more about our campaigning activity in the UK here >