We believe that when a wide range of organisations from all parts of the world join together to campaign, it sends a clear and powerful message to governments and other influential decision-makers that is hard to ignore. Here are some of the partners we work with:

End Water Poverty

What is End Water Poverty?

End Water Poverty is a growing international campaign calling for action to address the global sanitation and water crisis. WaterAid's teams in Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Mali, Nigeria, Ghana and Nepal are particularly active within End Water Poverty.

Which other organisations are members of the End Water Poverty coalition?

To name just a few: Save the Children, Care International, Oxfam, Plan International, Pump Aid, Sightsavers International, Tearfund, Unicef-UK, Unison and WWF.

How can I support the campaign?

If you are a member of an organisation, please encourage them to become part of this growing coalition.

Find out more on the End Water Poverty website >

Freshwater Action Network

What is Freshwater Action Network (FAN Global)?

FAN is a global network of people implementing and influencing water and sanitation policy and practice around the world. FAN works to improve water management by strengthening civil society to influence decision-making.

What does FAN do?

FAN Global works to improve water governance by strengthening the role of civil society in decision-making, linking the environmental and developmental agenda, for the realisation of the right to water and sanitation for present and future generations.

How do WaterAid and FAN work together?

Freshwater Action Network was initially conceived by WaterAid in 2001. For over ten years, WaterAid supported the growth of the organisation, providing organisational and financial support to FAN including hosting the global secretariat in their offices in London.

In August 2012, FAN Global became independent but the global secretariat remains hosted in the WaterAid offices and we remain close partners in the sector at all levels particularly at the country level where some WaterAid country programmes work closely with FAN national networks to influence their governments.

Find out more on the FAN Global website >