Join the Toilet Tour

No-one wants to talk about their toilet habits but until we start having the conversation, poo remains a silent killer. WaterAid, in partnership with Micah Challenge, launched The Toilet Tour in 2012 to start the conversation about toilets and we’ll be wrapping up on World Water Day 2013. If the Australian Government prioritised aid directed to sanitation we would see so many other development outcomes in health and education, and poverty alleviation.

With your help The Toilet Tour is:

  • Bringing political attention to the global sanitation crisis and encouraging the Australian Government, current and future, to prioritise aid to water and sanitation in all future aid budgets
  • Generating public awareness of the global sanitation crisis

Find out more and take action

The Toilet Tour involves two giant toilets being transported to 35 targeted electorates across Australia. Organisers in each electorate are hosting different types of events – from attempting to host the world’s longest toilet queue, to juggling toilet paper, to talks about sanitation – there is plenty you can do.

You can take action now by:

Emailing our Foreign Minister Bob Carr and asking him to start the conversation

Find out more about the Toilet Tour – Go the website here