You know that access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) are essential to people breaking down barriers that keep them in poverty. Now you’ve decided to act. Use the tools below to raise awareness and help end the water and sanitation crisis.


Use your local paper

Local papers love featuring stories about their readers. You can contribute a story in the form of an opinion piece, a letter to the editor or through a picture and story about what you are doing. This is a great way to tell your community why safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene matter, and get them engaged.

Many decision-makers, including your local Federal Member of Parliament, read local news to see what their constituents care about. And, just to be sure, if you succeed in being published you can always send a clipping to your Member’s electorate office!

Opinion pieces

Your newspaper’s website will have guidelines for how to submit an opinion piece to its editorial department. Opinion pieces are generally no more than 500 words, and should state why you care and persuade others to join you. You can also issue a call to action for your community or your local Federal Member of Parliament or state Federal Senators.

If you are a regular reader of national newspapers, you can also submit to these any time. And don’t forget about free city papers, which often contain information about what residents are doing at the local level and can be both widely read and more personal than other publications.

If you succeed in being published, email us at [email protected] so we can celebrate together!

Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor are much shorter than opinion pieces, around 200 words, and are most likely to be printed if they respond directly to an article that was recently printed in the same newspaper. Again, your newspaper will provide guidelines on how to submit a letter to the editor if the paper is large enough to accept reader contributions. Like an opinion piece, what matters is that people know why you care.

Don't forget to let us know if you succeed in getting published, you can reach us at [email protected]

Find your Federal Member on social media

More and more Members of Parliament are joining Facebook and even more have Twitter accounts. Social media is an important tool for telling your elected representatives what you care about and how you’d like them to acknowledge this in Parliament.

You can use Twitter and Facebook to tell your Members of Parliament about the importance of water, sanitation and hygiene, or to ask for their support of funding for international development and global health.

For WaterAid’s latest posts, that you can share with your Member of Parliament, follow us on Twitter @WaterAidAus or on Facebook @WaterAidAustralia

Sample posts

Here are some sample Twitter and Facebook posts:

No #water can mean no #education. Aus #ForeignAid must provide safe water, #sanitation to all! $4 back for every $1 invested in safe #water & #sanitation.

Safe #water & #sanitaiton advance #nationalsecurity, #globalhealth, #povertyreduction. #ItsANoBrainer


Do you love writing? Or do you already have your own blog? You can help spread the word about the water and sanitation crisis and solutions by writing about it on your blog and sharing the links with your friends.

There are many different themes you could write about:
WASH and women
WASH and children
WASH in schools
Education without WASH
WASH and health

Stay tuned as we add fact sheets over the coming months, to help you get writing about WASH.