WASH away poverty

768 million people don’t have clean water to drink today. That means children taking life-saving medication with disease-ridden water. It means women and men walking for hours every day to collect their basic water needs. A staggering 2.5 billion don’t have somewhere adequate to go to the toilet. That means girls dropping out of school because there is nowhere safe and private to go. 2,000 children die every day because of waterborne diseases.

Your voice can change this. WaterAid transforms lives by bringing safe water and adequate sanitation to the world’s poorest people. Each year we save the lives of millions, but we can’t reach everyone. Working together with government we can reach so many more. Over the past five years the Australian government has increased their support of water, sanitation and hygiene programs from 1% to 5% of Australia’s aid budget. This is because your voice is strong and our politicians have heard you loud and clear.

The Australian government is in a position to do more; we are campaigning for a further doubling in the next few years to reach $500 million per year for water, sanitation and hygiene. When we reach these levels we can be proud that Australia is doing its fair share to end the global sanitation and water crisis.

Our political leaders are listening to you.

Right now our government is framing the direction it will take for the next three years. Politicians care what you think. Don't let them forget to WASH away poverty.

Let your MP know that you want to WASH away poverty and that starts with safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

Imagine a world where everyone has access to safe water and sanitation – your voice can make this a reality. Sign our WASH away poverty petition here.