Partnerships with the corporate sector are an essential part of WaterAid’s work and make an important contribution to helping us solve the water and sanitation crisis in developing countries.

Through a partnership with WaterAid, companies can strengthen their corporate social responsibility and sustainability programmes, commit action toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals and bring life-saving clean water and sanitation to the world’s poorest communities. Learn about how you can invest in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in this PDF

WaterAid is dedicated to building tailored partnerships to meet your company’s strategic business objectives. Every partnership is unique and we look forward to creating a programme specific to your company’s strategic objectives.

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Water Innovators

Water Innovators is an employee development challenge where you'll be competing with other teams around the world to solve real challenges from our work, and developing your professional skills at the same time.

Corporate social responsibility

With the increasing value placed on corporate social responsibility (CSR) by customers, employees and wider stakeholders alike, CSR is a key element for businesses in a highly competitive environment. In partnering with WaterAid we can help you develop a comprehensive CSR strategy that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Workplace giving

Workplace giving is a simple, efficient and flexible scheme, which allows your employees to donate to WaterAid directly from their salary, either before or after tax. We also run a Gift Matching Program to support your staff’s fundraising efforts and double their valuable contributions for WaterAid.

Cause-related marketing

A cause-related marketing campaign with WaterAid can help deliver commercial benefits to your corporation as well as raise vital funds for the world’s poorest communities. We will work with you to develop a positive community profile and create an emotional connection between your brand and your customers.

Sponsor an event

Sponsor one of our many events, boost your corporate social responsibility credentials and raise your profile to a wider audience. Our events profile gives your organisation national branding exposure to a wide national demographic.

Employee engagement

Employee fundraising can be an engaging way of bringing people together from all company departments and enhance job satisfaction, staff morale and retention. A great place to start is to form a fundraising committee in your office and plan some events in support of WaterAid to get everyone involved.

Project sponsorship

Raising funds for a specific, significant project is a great way to engage all stakeholders in your company’s philanthropic work – staff, customers, suppliers and community. A well-aligned project will boost your customer, employee and community engagement as more and more people look to support organisations that reflect their own values.