Funding models

Broadly speaking, funding opportunities fall into three distinct types:

Unrestricted funding 

Unrestricted funding means money given without restrictions on where it can be spent by WaterAid. Unrestricted funding is always our preferred option as it can be used to support our work wherever funds are most needed. Unrestricted funds have a greater impact as less money is spent on administration.

Donors giving unrestricted funds receive all of the same reporting benefits that restricted funders get. The advantage of this funding model is that it allows businesses to report on how their support is impacting the lives of the poor at a truly global level.

Country restricted

Country restricted funding is our next preferred option if unrestricted funding is not feasible for donors. Country restricted funding means that the funds are restricted to one chosen country. Within that country funds are then unrestricted and will be directed to the area of most need.

Donors will receive six-monthly and annual updates on what has been achieved within the country. Donors may in turn report on how their support is helping achieve change across that country.

Restricted funding

We appreciate that in some cases businesses need to link their support to a particular issue or location. In this situation we work with partners to find suitable projects which broadly link with their business.

Donors receive project plans for review from our team. When funding is approved and contracted, donors will receive six-monthly and annual reports on the specific details of that project.

Note on restricted funding

We do not create projects to order. Project plans are developed according to the local need, supporting the poorest communities in line with the long term strategic objectives of the specific WaterAid Country Programme.

We do not offer restricted funding to donors giving below £50,000. This is because the cost of managing funds and reporting on direct links greatly increases where partners need bespoke reports. In addition, funders should note that a percentage of their donation will be directed towards our running costs.