Our brand profile

WaterAid has 320,000 active individual supporters – that is, people who make regular monthly donations.

Supporters are typically recruited via Direct Response TV ads (DRTV), press ads, direct marketing inserts into newspapers or direct marketing mailings to households.

WaterAid is one of the fastest growing charity brands in the UK. In the financial year of 2011/2 WaterAid recruited over 75,000 new individual supporters – a 20% year-on-year growth. We also held the second biggest share of voice in the DRTV charity market, behind Save the Children but ahead of UNICEF, Operation Smile and Oxfam.

Awareness of the WaterAid brand in the UK now stands at 58%. Research conducted by nfpSynergy, a consultancy dedicated to the not for profit sector, tells us that 56% of the UK public agree that "providing clean water should be the number one priority for charities working to relieve global poverty." This means that providing clean water is perceived as more important than providing education, healthcare, food and reducing the impact of climate change.

The same survey also highlights that when asked to name a charity that works to support access to water in developing countries, WaterAid is the top answer.