We’ve all got something that we’re aching to learn: a new language; the capital cities of the world; knitting skills; meditation; the list goes on…

Regardless of what’s sitting number one on your learning bucket list, it’s easy for other things to get in the way. With our increasingly busy lives, when can we find the time for self-improvement?

Funnily enough, there are 10-15 minutes every day when we’re not doing much at all. That’s the average amount of time people spend on the toilet every day. Over the course of a month, that adds up to almost 8 hours. Imagine if we used that time to achieve something more constructive?

Introducing Learn on the Loo, our new World Toilet Day activity, in which we’re asking Australians to dedicate their November toilet time to memorising, meditating or mastering a skill from the privacy of their bathrooms.

Choose your learning objective, set up a fundraising page, and share your progress with your friends to raise money so that more people can get access to decent toilets.

Do what you can on the can, get something done on the dunny, and register for Learn on the Loo today at learnontheloo.org.au