WaterAid is delighted to partner with the Melbourne Vixens and Netball Victoria because we both care about young women’s leadership, empowerment and involvement in society and having access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene is fundamental to health and wellbeing in young women.

WaterAid supports the Melbourne Vixens and Netball Victoria in their local endeavours towards young women being included and involved in their local communities. This is the same challenge WaterAid sets ourselves in involving young women in developing countries in addressing their own communities’ needs.

Watch this video of school girls in Papua New Guinea.

Every girl video still

Every girl

Every girl should have the opportunity to follow her dreams. Just like Dadi (below photo) who loves her netball, playing in a team and learning. But many girls in Papua New Guinea don’t get that chance. One of the big reasons for this is that there is no clean safe water supply at school, and no proper toilet facilities, so they get sick and miss classes. Without a private place to wash, many girls are too embarrassed to attend school, especially during the time of their monthly menstruation.

Girl holding a netball

More than 500,000 children in Papua New Guinea are not in school, and only one quarter of those attending primary school go on to secondary school.

Simple things – water, sanitation and hygiene – can make all the difference to a girl’s life. WaterAid supporters have helped over 21 million worldwide take the first steps out of poverty through safe water and sanitation.

What we do works, but we need you to join our team.

Through local communities and partnerships, WaterAid is working to ensure schools in Papua New Guinea have proper water supplies, toilets and hygiene facilities. After all, having water and sanitation is a basic human right that we all take for granted.

Dadi and her friends, Shirley and Hekwrai, are the lucky ones. Together with teams of parents, teachers and community leaders WaterAid has helped their school install new facilities. They no longer miss school and their world is changing for the better.

To give every girl in Papua New Guinea the chance to realise their dreams we need your help. Just $20 a month can mean water and toilet facilities for five students.

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