For many children around the world, every day is a fight for clean water. Samjhana, 12, and Pramila, 13, are best friends. They live with that fight day after day

A fight for clean water

Every day for ten months in a year, Samjhana and Pramila collect dirty water from the well near their homes in Mirchaiya village, Nepal. They battle through time spent waiting to collect water, the pain in their arms and hands to pull the water up from the well, and the worries of being late for school. 

Girls using a well

When the well dries up in April and May, Samjhana and Pramila have no choice but to journey to the river, more than three kilometres away. This makes it even harder for them to get to school on time.

At the river, their fight for water continues as they dig small holes in the riverbank with their hands. The water often makes them sick. Last year, Pramila was so sick she missed three weeks of school.

A fight for hope.

Samjhana enjoys studying and has a dream of becoming a teacher. She says, “Collecting water is my work. Becoming a teacher is even greater work. If I become a teacher, I’d be proud of myself.”

Every child has a dream about what they want to be when they grow up. But not every child has the opportunity to make it happen. Samjhana gets upset whenever she is late for school. “When we go to collect water it takes time, it’ll get late so I’ll miss lessons. It feels bad missing school,” she says.

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Together we can bring clean water for every child everywhere.

We work closely with local communities to find long-lasting and practical water solutions that meet their needs. 

A few years ago, Dircia and Crizonia’s village in Timor-Leste lacked access to clean water. Crizonia used to walk with her mother for two hours return to collect water. 

With support like yours, a gravity flow system was built in their village bringing clean water to entire communities. Sixteen tap stands were installed close to home, so girls like Dircia and Crizonia can now spend more time to learn, play, or dance.

Two girls near tap

Together we can end the fight for water for every child everywhere – just like we did for Crizonia and Dircia.

Your gift of clean water could give children the happy childhood they deserve, the education they need and the chance to turn their dreams into a reality. It’s a fight for children everywhere, and with your support we can win.

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