Filomena treks hours every day, holding one or two 5 litre jerry cans and a baby, to find water for her children.

The Crisis

More than 2.6 million newborns died globally in 2015. More than 99% of these deaths occurred in developing countries. Tragically for the 1 in 5 babies who die in their first month in the developing world, just being washed in clean water and cared for in a clean environment by people who had washed their hands could have helped prevent their untimely deaths.

In more than 66,000 health care facilities across 54 poor countries around the world:

  • 38% do not have improved water coverage
  • 19% do not have improved sanitation
  • 35% do not have water and soap for hand washing

WHO & UNICEF in 2015 reported that only 65% of health care facilities in Tanzania have water coverage. And over 30% of health care centres in Cambodia still do not have access to water.

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