Just think how different our world would be if every single person has what we in the UK often take for granted.

A world filled with healthy, happy families, who can simply turn on a tap to get safe, clean water and have somewhere decent to go to the toilet.

A world where everyone can look forward to a more positive future and where children can reach their full potential.

You can be part of this future we are all working towards by remembering us in your will. Find out more below or get in touch with Claire Barrett on 020 7793 4455.

Our vision for the future
Imagine a future where every single person in the world has clean water and a toilet. A world where diarrhoea no longer kills. A world where children are able to go to school, gain an education and fulfil their dreams. A world where parents – freed from the burden of water collection – can earn an income to support their families.

Every single day WaterAid is working towards that future. A world where every family in every village and town will have access to safe water and sanitation. 

We know that this time is a long way off but it is achievable and we are determined to make it happen. We won't stop until every community, every family, every single person has clean water to drink and somewhere safe to go to the toilet – that is why gifts in wills are so crucial to our work, and so valued. They ensure that our life-changing work can continue for generations to come. 

The future we want, and we believe you'd like too, is one where we can all look back and be astonished that people didn't have clean water to drink or somewhere safe and private to go to the toilet.

With your support we can make this happen. We hope you will think about leaving a gift to WaterAid in your will.

Please read ‘What your gift can achieve’ to see the difference your gift could make.