Help mothers and their babies


19 Dec 2013 | AU

Safe water could change everything for Ayelach and her baby.

Ayelach and other women in the Konso region of Ethiopia make an arduous two-hour round trip to the Orbale River to collect water several times each day, carrying back the cloudy, dangerous and leech-infested water they and their families use for cooking, washing and drinking.

Even in the advanced stages of her pregnancy, Ayelach had to make the long walk to the river, carrying the heavy jerrycans of water that her family desperately needed.

Baby Oytiba was born during one of these journeys, at the bank of the river, far from home. “The moment I started my labour, I wasn’t expecting it. I just went to collect water on my own, my back hurt …I felt a lot of pain and I felt sad that there was nobody with me,” said Ayelach.

Fortunately, Ayelach gave birth to Oytiba, a healthy baby boy. But, Ayelach’s baby faces a dangerous start in life and his future looks uncertain too.

The water she has to cook with, wash with and drink could make the family ill. And when Oytiba stops breastfeeding, the dirty water he’ll have to drink will put him at serious risk of diarrhoea and other fatal illnesses.

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