New boreholes in Timor-Leste


25 Sep 2013 | AU

People in some of the lowland areas of Timor-Leste’s Manufahi district are, for the first time, enjoying the benefits of safe, clean water sourced from boreholes.

Until now, WaterAid has been focused on using gravity flow systems to pipe water from hill tops down to villages in the mountainous areas of Timor-Leste.

Now, borehole technology used widely by WaterAid in Africa and South Asia, means wells can be bored up to 50 metres deep to reach ground water which is accessible on the surface by a pump.

This opens up new possibilities for regions that aren’t mountainous or get little rain. Starting with three boreholes in Manufahi, we will monitor and review their effectiveness.

But so far, communities are very happy with the result; they have safe water nearby and no longer have to spend time walking to the river to collect dirty water.