WaterAid Australia announces new Chief Executive


6 Jun 2014 | AU

WaterAid Australia is delighted to announce that its new Chief Executive is to be Paul Nichols. 

Mr Nichols is one of Australia's leading international community development practitioners, having worked with non-government, private sector and government organisations for over 25 years.  

He has most recently been a senior executive in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade responsible for the aid program to South Asia. He previously worked as an independent consultant, was Managing Director at the Oxfam-owned contractor International Development Support Services Pty Ltd, and served in various management roles at World Vision.   

Paul has worked with communities, local organisations and government institutions across the Pacific, Asia and Africa, and has engaged in training, facilitation and strategic planning across the Australian NGO sector.

The Chairman of WaterAid Australia, Rob Skinner, said that because of the leadership and direction of previous Chair Tony Kelly and Chief Executive Adam Laidlaw, WaterAid Australia was in a very strong position to contribute to meeting the global vision of everyone everywhere having access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene services by 2030. Paul Nichols has the ideal skills and experience to provide WaterAid with the leadership needed to play a key role in bringing this vision to a reality.

In accepting the appointment Paul stated that he has, “long been impressed with WaterAid's work in addressing a most fundamental development concern for millions of the world poor. Clean, safe water and sanitation is a prerequisite for a healthy and productive life”.

“I look forward to being part of a team committed to local action in community empowerment and capacity building, and to working with others on global advocacy for international commitments, and better governance and accountability in this sector. As part of an international network, I am keen to help WaterAid Australia bring the experience and expertise of its supporters and partners to our region and the world."

Mr Nichols will take up the appointment on 28 July 2014.

In the meantime Rob Skinner wished to thank Rosie Wheen for acting as Chief Executive, with the support of Sarah Thomson, during a time of significant strategic and operational activity for WaterAid.