Carmaletta’s story

Carmaletta in Timor-Leste has a thriving kitchen garden which has been providing produce and income for her family since water came to her village over a year ago. Here she tells us how water has changed her life:

“The water tap is valuable for us because we can plant tomatoes, eggplants and other vegetables, even in the dry season we can plant these vegetables. The water tap is very important because we can sell our produce in the market and the family makes more money and we can buy soap and detergent.

Our income is very improved. Before we waited till rainy season to plant, but now rainy or dry season we can plant more vegetables for income.

We have already got two crops from these tomatoes and we will get two more. We got US$40 for the first two crops.

We can now plant bananas and vegetables to support the family and that is a big change in my life.

Now with the new water source nearby we can get more income from growing plants and we can save some money from income and we can support my children to go to a good school so they will have a good future. We can also buy some clothes for them. Before when I went to school I didn’t take a bath, just washed my face and now my children can wash before they go to school.”

Carmaletta holding some of the produce from her market garden