At Georgina’s school, the toilets were so unsafe the school was almost closed down. “When we had no toilets we go in the bush and it isn’t good,” school student, Georgina, explains.

Poor hygiene causes diseases that can be deadly. And a lack of sanitation causes even more issues for girls having their period. “We used to go home and change and come back,” says Georgina, adding that the journey took 30 minutes by foot, plus time to wash and change.

It’s no wonder many girls simply don’t go to school when they have their periods.

WaterAid helped build a toilet block in Georgina’s school, stopping the spread of disease and giving girls a safe place to wash.

“It’s better. Children are happier using these toilets than the old ones.” Georgina says. The toilets not only protects the children’s health, they also increased school attendance – especially for girls. So now Georgina and her classmates are getting the education they need to reach their potential!

Georgina adds, “I want to be a doctor to help my community.”

Georgina smiling at the camera