Noeline's story Alakamisy village, Madagascar

Noeline has lived in Alakamisy, a rural village in Madagascar, for 19 years. She has seen many changes in her family's health, wellbeing and economic situation since we helped to install water points across the village.

"Water is a precious benefit for the whole village," Noeline says. "People used to suffer a lot from the lack of water but now it's a good time for us. Children are healthier because the water is clean. Before, we would wash every one or two weeks – now, every day.

"There was a lack of food before. We couldn't have gardens with vegetables, mangoes, maize, but now we can grow what we want because we have water. We eat a part and sell the rest. It's income for the family. We use the money for food and for breeding pigs, cows, hens, chickens."

See the difference water has made to the people of Alakamisy in our new interactive village feature:

A women carrying a water container to a house

The people of Alakamisy are primarily rice farmers, and with limited money they decided to contribute rice towards the maintenance of the water points. This rice-fund is kept by the water committee, which has set up a loan system to help people create businesses or pay for necessities. “Since this system has started people can make loans and improve their lives, and the village can develop,” Noeline explains.

"My life has totally changed because I have got new income and I can even think of future plans. We used to have money problems and our life was very difficult. We even had problems educating our children. They went to school before but sometimes they had to stop because they didn't have the necessary school things and sometimes they didn't have food before school. If the WaterAid project hadn't happened my life would be very poor.

"Everything has changed in the village – now it's clean. My children are cleaner and healthier, as there is not so much sickness. They can go to school every day – no problems. People are healthy, even the financial aspect has changed for the whole village."