Recent global releases

Caring for patients without clean water or sanitation in Nigeria 12 Dec 2016

Imagine a doctor’s surgery with gallons of water lined up in jerry cans, purchased because the taps are dry.  Lab technicians washing out excrement samples in hand basins without running water.  As many as 40 patients a day with only one fetid, backed-up toilet in which to relieve themselves. 

New guide makes rights to water and sanitation ‘real’ 29 Nov 2016

WaterAid and WASH United, together with partner organisations the Institute for Sustainable Futures, End Water Poverty, UNICEF and the Rural Water Supply Network, have launched new guidance for local government officials in developing countries, to show how they can become real heroes in helping people realise their rights to safe drinking water and sanitation.

Clean water and rigorous hygiene first line of defence in anti-microbial resistance 21 Sep 2016

Clean water, good sanitation and rigorous hygiene are the essential first line of defence in preventing infection and slowing the march of anti-microbial resistance, yet 38% of healthcare facilities in low- and middle-income countries do not have access to water, said WaterAid at the start of a UN high-level meeting on anti-microbial resistance in New York.

Water and sanitation essential in fight against malnutrition 14 Jun 2016

The new Global Nutrition Report 2016 calls malnutrition 'the new normal' - WaterAid responds calling for more action to incorporate water, sanitation and hygiene into national nutrition plans to help end stunting from malnutrition.