WaterAid responds to the release of Addis Ababa Action Agenda

16 Jul 2015

This morning the Addis Ababa Action Agenda was released following talks at the Financing for Development Conference.

Apollos Nwafor, WaterAid’s Regional Advocacy Manager said ‘We are relieved that those involved in the Financing for Development talks have managed to reach an agreement and that the Accord references the importance of funding water and sanitation work. The Accord has created a financing foundation for the United Nations to build on in September when the Sustainable Development Goals will be launched.

‘However the wording of the Accord does not, in WaterAid’s opinion, suggest that we are going to see the necessary transformation of funding for water and sanitation work that will be needed if we are to achieve the hugely ambitious yet achievable goal of universal access by 2030.

‘Providing access to water and sanitation transforms lives, improving people’s health, a country’s prosperity and children’s life chances. It will be a crucial part in helping to achieve many of the Sustainable Development Goals as well as fulfilling a fundamental human right to be able to drink clean water and use a safe toilet.’