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Prospects, Principles and Practice of Urban Rainwater Harvesting in Bangladesh

Urban areas of Bangladesh are facing an ironical situation today. On one hand there is the acute water scarcity and on the other, the streets are often waterlogged during the monsoons. This has led to serious problems with quality and quantity of groundwater. To solve the problem of urban areas, the systematic development of rainwater harvesting system is a demand at present.

WaterAid Bangladesh​ publishes a book titled "Prospects, Principles and Practice of Urban Rainwater Harvesting in Bangladesh: A Guidebook for Professionals, Practitioners and Students" to come out as systematic guideline of Urban Rainwater Harvesting in Bangladesh.

(This book is also available at ResearchGate:

WAB Country Programme Strategy 2016-2021

WaterAid Bangladesh launched country programme strategy 2016-2021 on 11 February, 2016. Country program strategy is the strategy document that will guide the programmatic approaches, design, partnerships and delivery mechanism of WaterAid Bangladesh in the next five years. Under this programme strategy WaterAid Bangladesh is to address WASH as a much more integrated component of overall development and achieving SDG 6 of which zero open defecation is only the beginning.

Book of Abstracts Journey to ZERO

Towards the end of open defecation in Bangladesh. The road to faecal sludge management in Bangladesh. Review of legal and other governing factors related to faecal sludge management in Bangladesh. Sanitation entrepreneurs development and linking micro finance.

ASEH Documentation and Lesson Learning Report

Advancing Sustainable Environmental Health, ASEH, was the largest programme ever undertaken by WaterAid and was largely successful. This report provides an overview of the programme, explore and share lessons and highlight issues that have a wider relevance to WaterAid and to others working in the sector.