In WaterAid Bangladesh, we emphasise on consolidation of the past programme accomplishments, replication and scaling-up successful models for sustainability

We aim to address WaterAid’s objectives of ensuring water and sanitation rights, hygiene promotion, capacity development of sector stakeholders, generation and dissemination of critical knowledge, policy change and institutional development.


Rural WASH programme emphasises to facilitate a structural change in access to WASH services and rights of the poor people of rural Bangladesh.


The crisis: Fighting with the nature

An islander (char) women carries water from miles after flood in Kurigram, Bangladesh.

Chars in Bangladesh are subject to frequent flush flood. Every year during monsoon it is submerged. The water comes up to waist height. People have to live on the roof. The flood then runs off leaving the water and sanitation facilities non-functioning. It is difficult for the poor people living in chars to rebuild latrines and waterpoint.

October 2011

The impact: Wash your hands up!

Salma, a nine year old girl, washing her hands with soap in running water dispensed from a locally innovated device, Bindaha village, Sirajgonj, Bangladesh.

WaterAid has been working with the people of this island like village by river Jamuna. Now every household of this village has handwashing device and everyone wash their hands properly at critical times.

May 2012