CBA10 Youth Conference wraps up

28 Apr 2016

Climate change has a huge impact in Bangladesh in terms of loss and damage. To address this issue, youth are the key for community based adaption to climate Change as they are almost half of the part of population in Bangladesh. This is the thinking of youth and organizers of the conference titled ‘Youth Conference on Community Based Adaptation (YCBA)’ held at North South University from 26 to 27 April. 

To encourage young people to be agents of change, particularly in addressing climate change issues in their communities, the youth conference was held. Organizers and participants said, empowering communities by adapting cause and consequences to climate change could be the best option to address the problem related to climate change. 150 youth aged between15-25 participated in this two days long event where 20% is from school, 30% High school and 50% from Universities. By the conference, youth participants got the sense of the realities faced by vulnerable communities and community suffering from the adverse effects of climate change.

Addressing the issue of climate change in opening session of the conference, Dr. Saleemul Huq, Director of ICCCAD, said, ‘We, the old people, have made the climate change related problems and you, the youth, are the sufferer. As you are most part of the country in terms of population, you have to adapt the situation. So as a youth you have to lead the society in terms of adaptation, mitigation and resilience’.

Organizers facilitated eight sessions on Gender Equality and Urban Development, Health, Hygiene and Appropriate Sanitation (Importance of WASH), Youth Migration in Metropolis, Delta Plan 2100: Launching youth Competition, Capacity Building for Urban Industrial Entrepreneurs, Voice of Youth: Leadership for Resilience, Innovative Thinkers: Exploring Youth led Community Development in Cities to explore youth understanding, capacity and knowledge.

In addition, the event integrated the essentials of social entrepreneurship in climate change adaptation into the discussions and look at ways of building long lasting, beneficial, and sustainable systems that can benefit young people. Youth Conference is a continuation of a journey where young people from all backgrounds are engaged in the fight against climate change by learning from experts and the field.

Mohmmed Aiyan Morshed, a youth participant in the conference, said after the conference, ‘Climate Change has a big impact on our life. From the conference, I feel adaptation can be one of the solutions to tackle the climate change impact. We have to do campaign for our rights. ’.

Mr. Nahim Razza, MP, Standing Committee, Ministry of Youth and Sports said in the closing session of the conference on 27 April, ‘Climate change is a big issue and crisis for the country like Bangladesh. The effect of Climate change in Bangladesh is huge. We are in acute problem with Migration and Urbanization hazards. But hope is about our youth. If these youth group take initiatives in their communities to adapt the climate change impact that will be very good for the country. We have been working on youth development issue so that they can be capable to contribute to the society’.


Youth Conference on Community-Based Adaptation is a parallel event of the 10th Community Based Adaption (CBA) Conferences which has been happening at Independent University of Bangladesh from April 21st to 28th. The theme of this year’s event is ‘Enhancing Urban Community Resilience‘.  CBA10 aims to share and unite the latest developments in community-based adaptation practices, policy and theory across sectors globally.

This youth conference was organized by ActionAid Bangladesh, Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative (BYEI), International Centre for climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), North South University, Plan International Bangladesh, Save the Children and WaterAid Bangladesh.