Mayor Sayeed Khokon inaugurates the public toilet construction at Pathnakunja in Dhaka

13 Aug 2015

Honourable Mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation Sayeed Khokon inaugurates a public toilet construction at Pathnakunja, one of the busiest place in Dhaka today. He says, “we will develop a planned public sanitation system in city for all inhabitants of Dhaka especially for pedestrians, commuters and women, especially for those who passes a long time in city’s streets due to heavy traffic”. Accordingly, Mr. Mayor committed to build 50 modern and women friendly public toilets in densely populated areas of the city.

Last year Dhaka North City Corporation, Dhaka South City Corporation, Dhaka WASA & WaterAid Bangladesh jointly signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to make public toilets work for everyone. In this connection Mr Mayor inaugurated the construction of this public toilet. WaterAid and H&M Conscious Foundation are providing financial and technical assistance to this.

During the inauguration Dr Md Liakat Ali, Director - Programme and Policy Advocacy, WaterAid Bangladesh says, ’WaterAid aims to set up a functional public toilet system through renovation and effective management model’.

A study on the public toilets in Dhaka City commissioned by WaterAid in 2011 revealed that, more than half of the 47 public toilets are not in minimum serviceable condition; none of them has women and child-friendly facilities.