3rd Bangladesh convention on rainwater harvesting

4 Apr 2016
3rd Bangladesh convention on rainwater harvesting

Water resources and water quality in Bangladesh are under increasing stress due to ever-increasing demand by the growing population as well as industrial activities, adverse impacts of climate change and inappropriate land use and waste management, resulting in loss/pollution of water bodies and wet lands. It is therefore of utmost importance to stay away from to ecologically damaging, socially intrusive and capital-intensive water management projects that fail to deliver the desired benefits. Focus is therefore needed on decentralized facilities, efficient technologies and the supporting policies. Investment in human capital to improve overall productivity is also equally important. Such effort needs to be encouraged with innovative policy regimes that concurrently promote rainwater harvesting as an alternative source of water.

Bangladesh faces shortage of potable water, especially in the urban areas, due to over extraction of groundwater. Side by side urban waterlogging has become a regular phenomenon due to the increase of paved areas, encroachment of water bodies and poor drainage management. On the other hand, technically challenging areas of rural Bangladesh, especially hill-tracts and coastal belts, face severe shortage of safe water.

Against this backdrop, to promote rainwater harvesting (RWH) as a sustainable solution, after 2012 and 2014, the 3rd Rainwater Convention will be held on 23 July 2016 in Dhaka to explore ideas, research findings, technological options, practices and experiences on RWH. The initiative is a collaborative effort of WaterAid Bangladesh, CSE-India, RAiN Forum and ITN-BUET.

For more details please visit http://www.rainwaterconvention.org