WaterAid joins hand with Shorno Kishoree to promote menstrual hygiene

4 May 2015

Despite menstruation being a natural aspect of health and life, the social stigma and silence surrounding the topic means women and girls all over the world have to find ways to manage their menstruation with limited means and support every day, impacting their productivity, privacy and well-being.

The topic of menstruation is cloaked with secrecy and negativity in Bangladesh as well, and associated with cultural and religious taboos. Aiming at breaking the silence around the discourse, WaterAid joins hand with the largest Adolescent Health Network of the country ‘Shorno Kishoree’.

Under this strategic collaboration both the parties have agreed to bridge adolescent reproductive health and awareness on menstrual hygiene management through public broadcasting as tool for reaching the millions adolescent girls. For this, four youth engagement events will be organised that focuses on stigmas related to menstruation in four districts. Event activities including interactive discussions and games played by adolescent girls will be broadcasted in Bangladesh’s only terrestrial television channel ‘BTV’ and one of the top satellite television ‘Channel-i’ reaching 80 percent population of the country. 

Given the importance of maintaining hygiene during period for women’s well-being, mobility and dignity WaterAid celebrates Menstrual Hygiene Day on 28 May every year