Sneak peek of a Public Toilet at Gas Station – first of its kind!

25 Jul 2016

WaterAid Bangladesh aims to transform the public toilet services of Dhaka city through construction/renovation of public toilets and development of sustainable operation and management models under its project of Stimulating Urban Norms for Rigorous Improvement in the Sanitation Environment (SUNRISE).

Dhaka city has 142 numbers of gas stations within the boundary of Dhaka’s two City Corporation (North & South), which is almost 150% more than the total number of function and non-functional public toilets around Dhaka City according to the last study conducted by WaterAid Bangladesh. These gas station has minimal toilet facilities except very few with moderate condition and 16 without any toilet facility, however only 3% of these facilities has separate chamber for females.

Many of these toilet facilities are restricted for their consumers only, while people suffers in road due to lack of toilet facility nearby, especially the females. In addition to that, WaterAid Bangladesh was able to convince one of these gas stations named Zaman Filling Station to undertake an initiative to solve this problem and working together for better public toilet services and reducing the inequalities.

Besides their area constraint, a full-fledged toilet facility equipped with modern amenities and a separate female chamber is ready to be inaugurated. To manage the risk of working in a critical zone, this area has been brought under CCTV surveillance and contains smoke detector in the toilet chambers. It has safe drinking water facility in the compound and used best possible water efficient faucets, sanitary wares and LED lights available in market.

This toilet facility is waiting to be inaugurated by the honorable Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation within coming weeks. Two caretakers has been appointed dedicatedly to maintain this facility in shift basis where one of them is a female, who might boost the confidence of a female pedestrian or passenger to use this toilet facility without hesitation or fear. Notably, WaterAid Bangladesh has rebuilt number of Public Toilets in different strategic locations of Dhaka with support of Dhaka North and South City Corporation under the banner of project SUNRISE funded by H&M Conscious Foundation.