WaterAid Bangladesh’s Country Strategy Plan (CSP) is based on years’ long experience in the field that used learning from the community where WaterAid and its partners work. Contribution of frontline staffs, programme managers and officials of different agencies of the Government, NGOs and INGOs active in WASH, bilateral and multilateral agencies made this CSP practical and worthy. Debate, discussion and constructive criticism at WaterAid level helped a lot to shape it equitable and pro-people. Critical assessment on sector challenges and issues done by in-house and external researchers enriched it further. Last but not least, a wide range of civil society organisations within the WASH sector and beyond helped enhance this document though their invaluable contribution during consultation.

WaterAid Bangladesh Country Strategic Objectives

  • Increased/improved WaSH access for the poor, excluded, marginalised and vulnerable people in sustainable and equitable manner
  • Advanced WASH entitlements of the poor, marginalised, excluded and vulnerable groups in equitable manner
  • Enhanced organisational accountability and capacity of the LGIs and service providers for effective WASH services
  • Strengthened operational linkages within the sector and also with other sectors in order to accelerate WASH progress
  • Influenced government, donors and private sector for integration of WASH in their development policy, priority and business plan
  • Improve organisational capacity and performance to gain further recognition as one of the WaSH leaders in Bangladesh