We have helped over 9.5 million people in Bangladesh. Behind this number lie the stories of how individual lives have been transformed in some of the world's poorest communities.

A gift for climate refugees

Ten years old Taslima finally got her access to safe water at cyclone affected displaced community living in shanties on the embankment in Koyra, Khulna, Bangladesh.

WaterAid served over thirteen thousand climate refugees of coastal belt of Bangladesh with safe water, hygiene and sanitaion services. Taslima’s mother says, “This tap water at our doorstep comes as an unbelievable experience to us; I don’t need to tow water down from miles now and can give more time to my family.”

June 2011

Advancing menstrual hygiene: unveiling social constructs

A girl of Fulbaria Pilot High School shows a pocket book on menstrual hygiene management by WaterAid. Though menstruation is a natural process that every girl and women goes through, not many talk on this and hence have misconceptions leading to health hazard, Mymensingh.

WaterAid's work on menstrual hygiene helped improve life of many, especially the school girls, who are now confident and less stressed during their periods.

February 2012

Living with dignity

Sima and frinds are happy to have a proper bathing place next to their room, TT para sweeper colony, Dhaka.

Sweepers, one of the most neglected and marginalised communities, often lack many basic facilities including water and sanitation. WaterAid has been working with them to cater their needs to live a life with dignity.

October 2011