The five prize winners of the sH2Orts 2015 film competition have now been chosen by our judges! Watch the winning film below, as well as the People’s Choice award winner with the most views, and the three brilliant runners up.

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Meet the winners

After entries from 33 countries, 21 films were shortlisted and judged by our esteemed panel. We can now share with you the winners of the sH2Orts 2015 film competition!

Overall winner

Sven Harding | South Africa

Sven’s cinematic film is beautifully shot. The judges thought Moonwalk was a really innovative idea that reflected water in a new light. Sven wins a Fuji XT 1 camera with an XF18-135mm lens and a filmmaking masterclass with BAFTA-nominated director Shekhar Kapur. Congratulations Sven!

Sven says, “It’s always great to be able to use your creativity to positively influence the way in which people think and behave. I’m thrilled and flattered to have won this award, and I’d like to thanks all the people that donated their time and skills for free to help make it happen.”

People’s Choice winner

Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka | Nepal

PAANI was watched over 27,000 times, with just three weeks of promotion! Gaurav’s film used an aerial perspective to tell his story brilliantly. He’s the winner of a Fuji X Pro 1 camera with 18-55mm lens and a storytelling masterclass with WorldView.

Gaurav says, "Thank you for running the competition and I hope it will continue in coming years! It was my own dream that inspired me to enter the competition. For me water is life, for everyone it is life."


Joe's morning
Indie Mark | UK

Joe’s morning was painstakingly made by 11-year-old Indie. His unique response to the brief was right on-trend bringing water to a whole new audience. Indie wins one of three Fuji X100T cameras.

Indie says, “I feel absolutely thrilled and I think it is awesome that my movie supported a great cause. I hope more people know about the importance of water with my movie… that would just be awesome.”


Josta Hopps | Sierra Leone

Josta gave us a refreshing perspective on the Ebola crisis and the role of water in Sierra Leone’s Recovery from the epidemic. He wins the Fuji X100T camera.

Josta says, “I feel good because 33 countries entered and Sierra Leone is rarely recognised in competitions so I feel proud for my country. Many people in Sierra Leone do not have clean water to drink and if this competition helps raise awareness of this, I am pleased to have taken part.”


Right to water
Sohel Rana | Bangladesh

Right to water is a brilliantly simple yet effective film. Sohel’s film is frustrating to watch, delivering a lot of impact. He wins the third Fuji X100T camera.

Sohel says, “It's a big pleasure to be the one of the winners. People having no safe water is a curse for our time. My film represents a system of water scarcity that knocks me hard. After winning the competition I had chance to remind the world how the poor suffer for water. I feel happy to become a part of raising awareness around World Water Day.”

Other shortlisted films

Devdatt Manjrekar | India

With water resources under strain in India, this film takes a look at how younger generations are becoming conscious of the issue.

The shit-eaters
Jeremiah Akinyemi | Nigeria

From lagoon to plate – a look at how human pollution in Nigeria's water supply often starts and ends the same way.

Watchmen of our waters
Nina Constable | UK

A profile of fishermen in Cornwall, conscious of their impact and the responsibility they have to protect our waters.

Sound of water
Hiroki Watanabe | Japan

Woken in the night by the sound of his dripping tap, a young man gets a shocking message about water.

Every living thing
Magdy Mahmoud | Eygpt

An animated reflection on how every living thing is made up primarily of water.

For granted
Andrew Toovey | UK

Stranded in the mountains, a traveller must use his last ounce of strength to reach a source of safe water.

Saving water with aquaponics systems
Saskia Albers-Bello | The Netherlands

Meet Els, who works at an aquaponics farm in Amsterdam, producing plants and fish in an environmentally friendly way.

Water spoken word
Gaetan Cal and Shannon Hastings | UK

A spoken word reflection on how we must start changing the way we think about water, if we are to save it as a resource.

Breech Asher Harani | Philippines

A young girl daydreams about clean water – but the daydream quickly turns into a daymare when she sees what's in her glass.

Conflict economics
Sol Goodman | Palestine

A reporter discovers that razor mesh, used to protect oil fields and military bases, is being used to guard...a tap.

I want to marry the rain
David Minh-Tam Nguyen | Australia

From under an umbrella, a Korean girl describes her love for the rain and the romance it evokes for her.

28 percent pure
Shahin Javadi Nezhad | Iran

In the near future, a theft in the street tells a far wider story, felt by millions across the world.

Nick Rowley | UK

Thoughts from Fiona, 60, on her decision to start wild swimming and meeting new people.

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