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WaterAid, in partnership with Public Media Alliance's Worldview project, is delighted to present the four winners of the 2016 sH2Orts film competition.

With stories that capture the spirit of innovation from Armenia to South Africa, Sierra Leone to the Philippines, each film is an inventive and thought-provoking take on a vital theme: the future of water. Sit back, hit full-screen and enjoy.

Sven HardingSven Harding
Place of Sweet Waters

The springs of Table Mountain sustained the people of Cape Town for centuries – so why is the city now in the midst of drought?

Sven Harding’s visually-stunning short follows the flow of fresh water from the mountainside through the tunnels of Cape Town, from where this most precious of resources is dumped straight into the sea. Inspired by the photography of Ansel Adams, Place of Sweet Waters is as poetic as it is provocative – just what you’d expect from the winner of last year’s sH2Orts Worldwide competition.

Vardan HovhannisyanVardan Hovhannisyan
Blanketed Snows

Take a snowmobile ride up the slopes of Armenia’s Mount Aragats to meet two scientists fighting the effects of climate change: with blankets.

As snow melts on its slopes earlier and earlier, Mount Aragats’ surrounding villages suffer from floods in the winter and drought in the summer – Vardan Hovhannisyan’s documentary captures an unexpected solution to this crisis in action. The multi-award-winning director says of his new short: “we hope that the audience will be inspired by the story we’ve told, and will be motivated to think of, and contribute to, new ways of combatting the global water crisis.”

Giselle SantosGiselle Santos
Automatic Tubig Machine

Enjoy a tap's eye view of life in a village in the Philippines, where a new system for delivering safe water is the centre of attention.

Giselle Santos’s fly-on-the-wall documentary provides a charming look at the Automatic Tubig Machines (ATMs), a new water delivery innovation that is being trialled in towns like Sison, where this film is set. "We often take access to water for granted," the filmmaker says. "It's important that along with the problems, we also highlight how people from different walks of life are inventing innovative methods to fight water scarcity."

Ibrahim S KamaraIbrahim S Kamara
The Hoist

Join 19-year-old innovator Kadija as she dives into a scrapyard to build an ingenious solution to her community's water problems.

In Sierra Leone just 57% of the population has access to safe drinking water. The Hoist documents the inventiveness of one young woman determined to make that access easier and more secure for her community. Filmed despite the challenges of the Ebola epidemic, Ibrahim hopes his short will have an inspirational impact: "As a young filmmaker I hope this film will be the breaking point for other young filmmakers in Sierra Leone."