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Get involved with WaterAid wherever you are in the world, and really make a difference! Take part in an event or organise your own, and help fundraise for the WaterAid charity.

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We have been active in Australia since 2004, and our fundraising is going from strength to strength. Events in Australia have ranged from golf days to glamorous balls. There's always something going on, but if there's nothing that takes your fancy we’ll support you with organising your own fundraising event.
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WaterAid opened for business in Sweden in 2009. There are many different events in Sweden to consider. From bicycle races, runs and sponsored swims, to flea markets, water walks and exhibitions. Join in or develop your own, we welcome all kinds of events, large or small!


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WaterAid was first established in the UK back in 1981. From humble beginnings, we are now helping more than a million people each year gain access to safe water and improved sanitation. From the world famous, such as The London Marathon and Great North Run, to the unique, such as the 6 Peaks Challenge, there's a UK event for you. 

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Thanks to your generosity, contributions to WaterAid America grew from $1.3 million in 2004-05 (our first year of work in the US) to $5.2 million in 2010-11. With your help we can raise even more. It's a big country with a lot of fundraising events going on, so why not take part in one for WaterAid? You’ll be raising funds for an amazing cause that changes lives forever. Get in touch and we'll support you all the way!

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