Sanitation and Water for All 2014 commitments signed by the Ministers of Finance and Water!

An increased budget allocation for the WASH sector and a sustained effort in sector coordination are among the key elements of these commitments.

This journey started in November 2013 with the announcement made by the Ministry of Water to reach universal access by 2025. It was then followed by several meetings around the Sanitation and Water for all process, facilitated by WaterAid and UNICEF with broad participation from civil society entities, private sector organizations, representatives from Ministries and donors.

At the beginning of March 2014, the three Sanitation and Water for All focal points, from the government, the donors group and one from the civil society, along with a WaterAid representative, met high levels officials from the Ministry of Finance. These meetings triggered the Minister of Finance to finally agreed to review and sign the commitments.

Meanwhile, the Diorano WASH coalition joined the process through the “Keep Your Promises” media campaign and the celebration of World Water Day. Towards the end of March, the focal points team and WaterAid intensified in its lobbying and managed to meet with the new Chief of Staff of the Presidency. This meeting marked a crucial turn in the SWA process as it pushed the SWA/HLM commitments and the WASH sector on top of the agenda of the highest institution of the nation. Two days after, the commitments were finalised by the Ministry of Water and signed right away by the Ministers of Finance and Water.

This will be the first High Level Meeting (HLM) event with a Malagasy delegation. they will be joined by representatives from 43 other developing countries and development partners from around the world in Washington DC on 11 April

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