WaterAid Timor-Leste Country Programme 2010-2015

Timor Leste programme evaluation 26 May 2016 | WaterAid

WaterAid has been working in Timor Leste since 2005 working in partnership with PLAN for the first two years. In 2007, WaterAid opened a country office in Dili and commenced activities in Liquica Municipality and in 2011, expanded the program to include Manufahi Municipality. In 2010, WaterAid developed a 2010-2015 country strategy. This evaluation provides an overall review of work completed throughout that period, which builds on several specific research and assessment processes conducted recently.
WaterAid PNG Country Program Evaluation

Papua New Guinea programme evaluation 26 May 2016 | WaterAid

WaterAid has been supporting the WaSH sector in Papua New Guinea (PNG) since 2005, predominantly working through partners in East Sepik Province. In 2015, amidst the transition between old and new Global and Country Strategies, WaterAid commissioned an evaluation of their PNG Country Program. The primary purpose of the evaluation is to learn from current and past practice to improve future performance, with a clear objective being to influence the new WaterAid PNG Country Program Strategy.
Achieving total sanitation and hygiene coverage within a generation - lessons from East Asia

Achieving total sanitation and hygiene coverage within a generation – lessons from East Asia 27 Apr 2016 | WaterAid

This discussion paper presents the findings from research in East Asian states on the political economy of sanitation and hygiene services which delivered total coverage within a generation. The generalised conclusions are not intended to claim blueprints for success but rather to feed into dialogue in the sanitation and hygiene sectors on how the necessary step change for delivering universal access to services can be achieved by 2030.
Climate Finance Initiative 2016

Climate Finance Initiative 2016 briefing note 4 Jul 2016 | WaterAid

This briefing note sets out the rationale, objectives and strategy for the WaterAid Climate Finance Initiative – a new work programme that seeks to ensure a proportion of climate finance flows support the extension of sustainable water and sanitation services to the world’s poorest and most climate-vulnerable communities.

2015 Nepal earthquakes: Lessons from WaterAid's response

2015 Nepal earthquake: lessons from WaterAid's response 20 Apr 2016 | WaterAid

On 25 April and 12 May 2015, two huge earthquakes hit Nepal, killing 9,000 people, injuring 22,000, and depriving half a million families of their homes. WaterAid provided emergency water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) support to communities. Having our staff and projects affected so deeply and deploying an emergency response are both exceptional events for WaterAid, so we conducted a learning review in September 2015. This brief presents the key lessons.

WaterAid briefing on Global Goals indicators

WaterAid briefing on Global Goals indicators (January 2016) 18 Jan 2016 | WaterAid

This briefing summarises WaterAid's position on the Global Goal indicators and puts forwards recommendations to ensure that Goal 6's aim of "availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”, and other related goals, are met.

Malawi Country Programme Evaluation

Malawi Country Programme Evaluation 12 Jan 2016 | WaterAid

The evaluation of WaterAid Malawi Country Programme was conducted in July 2014 by a team of four people comprising one national and one international consultant plus two WaterAid staff – one each from headquarters and the regional office.