Out of Order: The State of the World's Toilets 2017

It is easy to take a toilet for granted – lock the door, do your business, flush when finished, and forget all about it. But for 2.3 billion people worldwide – almost one in three – such a normal part of daily life is out of reach.

16 Nov 2017
Our World Toilet Day report Out of Order explores how the lack of decent toilets around the world prevents women and girls from fulfilling their potential.

A child walks through the road, which has no drainage facility and all wastes from hanging toilet go directly to the road, Gojariapara, Gazipur, Bangladesh, April 2017

The report finds Ethiopia is now the country with the world's highest percentage of people without decent private toilets, while India remains the nation with the highest number of people without a toilet. 

While both have made progress, millions still suffer the fear and indignity of relieving themselves in the open or in unsafe or unhygienic toilets – a situation which is most dangerous for girls and women.

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