The global water and sanitation crisis needs a global solution and a global organisation to deliver and champion change.

WaterAid’s teams in Australia, Canada, Sweden, the UK and the USA help coordinate and fund operations across Africa, Asia, Central America and the Pacific. We also have a small team in Japan.

We believe we will have more impact as a global federation, bringing together experience and expertise into a coordinated programme of work focused on fulfilling our vision of a world where everyone has access to safe water and sanitation.

WaterAid international is our global governance structure. This is how the member countries coordinate activities and make decisions together. WaterAid international was formally established in 2010 as part of WaterAid's development into a truly global organisation. It is an integral part of achieving our ambitious global strategy.  

The role of WaterAid international

  • Co-ordinate the delivery of our Global Strategy to advance our mission
  • Facilitate collective global decision making, co-ordination and shared standards between WaterAid member countries
  • Support planned growth and open the way for more WaterAid member countries

WaterAid international is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of the Chairs of the WaterAid member countries plus an additional Trustee from WaterAid in the UK. The Board is chaired by Jeremy Pelczer.

The work of WaterAid international will initially be supported by existing staff and resources of member countries, so as to remain light touch and able to focus on its key activities.

If you are looking for information on fundraising, influencing or service delivery – which remain the responsibility of the individual member countries – please look at the websites of the appropriate member country (UK, Australia, America, Canada and Sweden).  

WaterAid international's four principles

There are four key principles underpinning the work of WaterAid international and its relationship with the member countries:

  • Principle 1 - Achieving WaterAid's mission as effectively as possible is fundamental to all we do and the collective global interests of WaterAid are paramount. :
  • Principle 2 - WaterAid international will only undertake activities that it will deliver more effectively than WaterAid member countries.
  • Principle 3 - WaterAid will only have one delivery organisation in each of the regions or countries where services are provided.
  • Principle 4 - The member countries of WaterAid international will be countries with the capacity to raise significant funds.

Key governance documents of WaterAid international

Our current board of Trustees

The Trustees of WaterAid international are:

  • Jeremy Pelczer – Chair of WaterAid international
  • Marc Robert  – Chair of WaterAid America
  • Robert Skinner – Chair of WaterAid Australia
  • John Connolly – Chair of WaterAid Canada
  • Christina Jutterström – Chair of WaterAid Sweden
  • Tim Clark – Chair of WaterAid UK
  • Rosemary Carr – Trustee of WaterAid UK