WaterAid Madagascar's work supports five main partner NGOs, helping communities implement their own water and sanitation facilities and implement hygiene education.

WaterAid also forms links with other organisations with similar aims and is involved in wider policy debate.

Monitoring and Evaluation Team

The team support planning, monitoring and evaluation of projects and assess the progress and impact of WaterAid's work. 

Finance and Administration Team

Value for money is crucial, as well as creating a positive working environment. The team offers the necessary support for WaterAid and its partners to successfully manage work and achieve the organisation's vision and mission. 

Advocacy and Research Team

The Advocacy and Research Team ensures that the work that WaterAid does is sustainable and appropriate. By advocating for change, the team are makes sure that safe water and sanitation is seen as a basic right for Malagasy people.

Projects and Programme Team

The team collaborates with partners to help plan and create innovative projects and solutions that can transform the quality of people lives. 


A faith-based, national association for rural gravity fed water systems, employing skilled technicians and engineers. We have worked together since 1999.

Centre National de l’Eau et du Genie Rural (CNEAGR)

Focused on water, sanitation and hygiene and rural engineering, CNEAGR also provides consultancy services, research and training. A source of broad expertise.

Engineering Consulting Associates (ECA)

National association, specialising in providing water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure and consultancy. Manages relationships with local authorities and have been working with us since 2005.


National association, working specifically in the water and sanitation sector and focusing on rural areas, we have been partnered with Manorintsoa since 2008.

Miarintsoa (AMI)

A well-recognised association with dynamic local and national teams, AMI has a strong reputation for water, sanitation and hygiene education delivery and have been working with us since 2005.


A private company with several years’ experience in research and construction of latrines and water systems. We have been partnered since 2008.

Church Development Department SAF/FJKM

Faith-based association with a large remit. Water, sanitation and hygiene is given a high priority by the association, which has offices across Madagascar and has been our partner since 2000.


Water and Sanitation for Urban Poor is an international coalition of organisations focused on urban water, sanitation and hygiene work.

Diorano -WASH

The network links people nationally in a web of local committees and national groups and has a particular interest in hygiene promotion work.

Ministry of Water

These recently organised teams are the government’s decision and policy makers in water and sanitation.

Le Noyau Technique

This is a core technical group which brings together technicians from across Madagascar, WaterAid and our direct partners.

Analamanga Region

This regional government office is responsible for infrastructure and service delivery in the electoral territory.

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)

These new partnerships will be rich in learning and allow us to increase capacity and engage in governance issues.


A private sector enterprise specialising in social research, mapping and cartography. We have worked together since 2007 and Iktus became our research partners in 2009.

Handicap International

This is an international non governmental organisation specialising in working with disabled people to support them in becoming independent. They have been working in Madagascar since 1986.

Scouting Federation

The Federation in Madagascar has 40,000 members. Their ethics and drive make them a highly influential group in Madagascar.

What our people say about us

Apollos Nwafor, Liberia

Apollos NwaforWaterAid Team Leader, Liberia

"Your support could save the life of a child who will become the President of this country tomorrow. Every effort you are making is yielding results. As we work, we will share these results with you." This video has captions for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. The 'Captions' button on the bottom of the player turns them on and off.
Ashutosh Tiwari, Nepal

Ashutosh TiwariCountry Representative, Nepal

"When you look at a house, you don't get to see the foundation of the house. In development, that foundation is WASH - Water, Sanitation, Hygiene."
Boyce Nyirenda, Malawi

Boyce NyirendaRural Programme Manager, Malawi

"The most exciting part of my work is to witness the celebration and transformation of a community who never had access to water before." This video has captions for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. The 'Captions' button on the bottom of the player turns them on and off.
Fatoumata Haidara, Mali

Fatoumata HaidaraCountry Representative, Mali

"I am very happy to work for WaterAid because I am very helpful to vulnerable people." This video has captions for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. The 'Captions' button on the bottom of the player turns them on and off.
Khairul Islam, Bangladesh

Khairul IslamCountry Representative, Bangladesh

"When I had the opportunity to work for WaterAid I just grabbed it. I am dedicating myself to spreading water and sanitation to people." This video has captions for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. The 'Captions' button on the bottom of the player turns them on and off.