Why we need to push on with water and sanitation for all

Posted 21 Sep 2016 by Barbara Frost

Safe water, a healthier planet, access to education and gender equality are all cornerstones of a UN agreement that unites countries in a common aim to build a better world for the next generation. One year on from the launch of the Global Goals, WaterAid’s Chief Executive Barbara Frost reflects on the progress made, and why we need to push on.

In 2015 the UN drew up a new set of Global Goals on Sustainable Development, aimed at reducing inequality and creating a healthier, more prosperous world for the next generation.

Happy children found drawing water from stand water taps that have been put in Lubunda Village, Zambia.Children collect safe water from taps installed by WaterAid in Lubunda Village, Zambia.

Despite visible progress, a crippling water and sanitation crisis persists: 650 million people worldwide do not have a reliable source of clean water, and over 2.3 billion do not have the dignity of a safe, private toilet.

The Global Goals are inextricably interlinked: failing on water and sanitation also means failing on gender rights, education, infant mortality and health, as well as economic growth. 

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Barbara Frost is WaterAid’s Chief Executive. She tweets as @barbarafrost.


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