• Approaches for urban sanitation – which tool to choose?

    Sabina uses a hanging toilet in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    Posted 5 Oct 2016 by Rémi Kaupp

    Do you know your shit-flow diagram from your SaniPath? Rémi Kaupp, WaterAid UK’s Urban Sanitation Specialist, navigates the array of approaches available to today’s sanitation planners working towards solutions.

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  • How do you campaign for accessible public toilets?

    A wheelchair outside a toilet.
    Posted 5 Sep 2016 by Rémi Kaupp and Jane Wilbur

    How can we ensure there are enough public toilets for people with disabilities? Rémi Kaupp, WaterAid UK’s Urban Sanitation Specialist, and Jane Wilbur, Equality, Inclusion and Rights Advisor, share insights from the around the world.

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  • Three challenges for urban sanitation: what I learned from housing professionals

    Kalshi Takar Baa slum, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Posted 25 Aug 2016 by Remi Kaupp

    What can WASH specialists learn from architects and town planners? Rémi Kaupp, WaterAid UK’s Urban Sanitation Specialist, muses on three lessons from his time working in housing.

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  • When the dust clears: looking back, and forward, after the
    Nepal earthquakes

    WaterAid staff and local partners CIUD unload supplies in Nala, Nepal.
    Posted 25 Apr 2016 by Rémi Kaupp

    The earthquakes that struck Nepal in April and May 2015 affected WaterAid’s work in many ways. Staff lost their houses, projects were disrupted, new partnerships were established, and we quickly provided emergency relief in exceptional circumstances. Rémi Kaupp, WaterAid UK’s Disasters Specialist, reflects on the work done, the lessons learned, and the part we can play in Nepal’s recovery.

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  • Impressions from the African Water Association Congress

    Delegates at AfWA 2016
    Posted 30 Mar 2016 by Rémi Kaupp

    The 18th Congress of the African Water Association (AfWA 2016) in Nairobi was an opportunity for professionals in Africa’s water and sanitation sector to exchange experiences and knowledge from work ‘on the ground’. WaterAid delegates from the UK, Bangladesh and Tanzania share what they heard from the coal face.

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  • Learning from Tanzanian innovators

    Mattius Millinga, 51-years-old, stands next to one of the 'pajaj' vehicles that transports the gulper pump equipment, outside his house in Kigamboni Ward, Temeke Municipality, Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania - February 2015.
    Posted 22 Mar 2016 by Rémi Kaupp

    Rémi Kaupp, Urban Sanitation Specialist at WaterAid UK, analyses the success of two Tanzanian entrepreneurs who are changing the way sanitation works in Dar es Salaam.

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  • Does the WASH sector need innovation?

    Julius Chisengo and Cleophas Shinga empty the contents of a pit latrine at Kigamboni Ward, Temeke Municipality, Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania.
    Posted 16 Nov 2015 by Rémi Kaupp

    Innovation is often heralded as a major route to solving the global water and sanitation crisis. But is it the key, and should innovation be all about miracle inventions? Rémi Kaupp, Urban Sanitation Specialist at WaterAid UK, discusses whether and where it might be useful.

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