An irrigated maize plantation in Kenya
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Water and food: will a Green Revolution bring falling water tables to Africa?27 Feb 2015

To feed the growing global population, food production must be greatly increased. Economists have suggested that food shortages could be alleviated by an agricultural revolution in Africa but what might this mean for Africa’s groundwater? Vincent Casey, WaterAid’s Technical Support Manager – Water Security, explores the question.
Nepal landscape

Ensuring universal access to water in a changing climate24 Feb 2015

As the global climate changes, the challenge of sharing a decreasing and changing supply of fresh water among the world’s population will grow. Louise Whiting looks at what we can do now to protect the poorest people in the future.
Suraj Ram, 22, who works as a sanitation worker unblocking drains in Yarpur slum, Patna, Bihar, India, September 2013.

Flushed: five toilet myths in India4 Feb 2015

Amitangshu Acharya, Programme Manager for Akvo, an international non-profit building open source internet and mobile software, and Nitya Jacob, WaterAid India's Head of Policy, discuss myths in sanitation programmes.
Boy walks through the floods in Malawi, 2015.

Helping prevent disease in flood-stricken Malawi30 Jan 2015

In the past few weeks, torrential rains have brought massive floods to southern Malawi, killing 79 people, displacing over 170,000 and causing widespread destruction to homes, crops, livestock, infrastructure, and supplies of safe water.
An Iraqwi woman standing outside her improved toilet, Mbulu district, Tanzania, 2011

Achieving universal access to sanitation in Tanzania6 Jan 2015

With 2.5 billion people globally lacking access to improved sanitation, we need to find sustainable solutions that work on a large scale. WaterAid’s Director of International Programmes and Deputy Chief Executive, Girish Menon, talks about his experience of WaterAid’s approach in Tanzania.