Madeline with her daughter and son

Celebrating World Toilet Day19 Nov 2014

WaterAid’s Head of Region for East Africa, Lydia Zigomo, introduces our new report Child of Mine which launches today – the second UN day of the toilet.

Karat clinic in Konso, Ethiopia where doctors practice daily without access to clean water.

Making WASH count14 Nov 2014

WaterAid UK’s Campaigns Officer Ross Bailey introduces our new briefing paper on the link between WASH and health, and discusses why the health sector must address water, sanitation and hygiene in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Barbara Frost

Staying focused on the world’s most valuable resource6 Nov 2014

The world is facing a water and sanitation crisis, with 2.5bn people on our planet lacking access to a basic toilet. The global health and economic costs are huge. However, the crisis can be addressed, and there is an important and growing role for private enterprise, argues Barbara Frost, WaterAid Chief Executive.

Reviewing progress in small towns

Reviewing progress in small towns6 Nov 2014

Grants Manager Anna McNamara recently visited Nepal to see how much WaterAid’s report – Taking a wider view – had affected our work in small towns.

Suliaman Amara collects dirty water as boys bathe in the Wanjai River in the village of Vaama, Sierra Leone.

Stopping the next Ebola before it starts31 Oct 2014

Of the hundreds of millions of dollars that will be spent battling Ebola, little to none of it will go into lasting infrastructure or ensuring effective systems are in place for next time. Nations must be supported to build up their health, water and sanitation sectors, so that they might have a fighting chance at managing their next crisis.


New advice forum responds to Ebola crisis22 Oct 2014

A group of organisations including the Global WASH Cluster (GWC) and Médecins Sans Frontières is using a new online question and answer forum to answer technical questions as part of the global response to the Ebola crisis.