Call for Expressions of Interest – City Sanitation Planning

WaterAid is seeking Expressions of Interest for analysing and comparing the sanitation efforts and planning processes in cities that have made good progress, in order to draw lessons on how to address the bottlenecks in the urban sanitation agenda.


9 Aug 2015

Urban sanitation will be a key priority in the context of universal access aspirations in the Sustainable Development Goals. There is however insufficient knowledge on how best to plan and implement urban sanitation. In order to fill this gap, WaterAid is seeking research consultants to conduct a study that draws lessons from the sanitation planning processes of cities in developing countries that recently made substantial progress in providing sanitation services to all.

The questions the research aims to explore include:

  • What were the key institutional, political and contextual elements in these cities explaining their success in planning and developing functional urban sanitation service delivery?
  • What was the role of external agencies and NGOs in supporting this process?
  • How were slums included and the most vulnerable affected?

At this stage WaterAid is looking for Expressions of Interest by 9 August 2015 and have a budget of £35,000 to £50,000.

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