Call for expressions of interest – Africa mentee water operators

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3 Oct 2016

The Global Water Operators' Partnership Alliance (GWOPA), in collaboration with WaterAid and the African Water Association (AfWA), is launching a call for applications for African 'mentee' water operators interested in benefiting from a pro-poor Water Operators' Partnership (WOP) in Africa. 

WOPs are support arrangements between water and/or sanitation operators. WOPs work by harnessing the skills, know-­how and goodwill within a strong 'mentor' water operator to build the capacity of another operator – the 'mentee' – that needs assistance.

The WOP will aim to help one mentee operator provide better services to the poor. The identified mentor will support the mentee to audit, review and set up performance improvement plans for a better provision of pro-poor water supply services through the establishment of suitable Low Income Customer Support (LICSU) structure.

This is a one-year pilot initiative, and it is hoped that further peer-to-peer support will be explored on the back of this process.

The deadline for submission of applications is 3rd October 2016.

How to apply

Mentee water operators should download the following documents, and fill out the two forms:

The application documents should be sent to:

[email protected][email protected][email protected] 

Appel à candidature pour opérateurs "mentorés" pour un WOP sur l'amélioration des services aux populations pauvres

GWOPA, l'ONG WaterAid et l'Association Africaine de l'Eau à travers son programme WOP Africa lancent un appel à candidature aux opérateurs 'mentee' pour un WOP pour l'amélioration des services aux populations pauvres.

Le WOP aidera un opérateur mentoré à offrir de meilleurs services aux pauvres. Un mentor identifié soutiendra l'opérateur mentoré dans l'audit, la revue et l’élaboration d'un plan d'amélioration de performances de services aux pauvres, à travers la création de Cellules de service clientèle à faibles revenus (LICSU).

La date limite de réception des dossiers de candidatures est fixée au 3 octobre 2016.

Le dossier de candidature doit être envoyé à:

[email protected][email protected][email protected] 

Pour plus d'informations, consultez les documents d'accompagnement.

Consulter l’appel à candidature