Empowering communities: 300 women in Pakistan trained in water and sanitation technologies

25 Jun 2013

In rural Pakistan women are responsible for providing water and looking after the health and cleanliness of their families. WaterAid Pakistan have therefore been focusing on these responsibilities as part of an EU funded project aiming to improve the lives of 200,000 people through improved knowledge of their rights to safe water and sanitation.

Forming women’s groups within rural communities, WaterAid has been providing education on the health issues caused by unsafe drinking water, unimproved sanitation and poor hygiene management. Through discussions, practical demonstrations and manuals women have been trained in the use and maintenance of their local water and sanitation technology facilities.

Involving women is key to creating successful, sustainable water and sanitation solutions, and has a positive impact on women’s positions within local society too. Important public roles, such as health promoters or water and sanitation mechanics, give women new skills and confidence, and allow them to demand greater respect and reputation within their communities.

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