HSBC staff from around the globe visit Ghana

A global team from HSBC are travelling to Ghana this month to visit new project areas where WaterAid, with HSBC's support, is starting work to improve access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.


6 Nov 2012 | Ghana

The group of seven HSBC representatives, including Sue Alexander, HSBC's Senior Manager of Environmental Programmes, will leave their bases in Brazil, Dubai, Hong Kong, North America and the UK to spend a week with WaterAid in Ghana from 10 November 2012.

Claire Pearson, HSBC Water Programme Manager for WaterAid, said: "It's really important for HSBC representatives to visit these projects to understand how WaterAid works and see the difference their support will make. Under the HSBC Water Programme, WaterAid will reach an incredible 1.1 million people with safe water and 1.9 million with sanitation over five years."

The HSBC team will visit two districts in the Eastern Region, Kwahu North and Birim North. In addition to visiting new project areas, the group will visit established WaterAid projects to see the difference safe water, sanitation and hygiene have already made to individuals, communities and local economies.

Ghana is aiming for middle-income status; however levels of extreme poverty remain, with 20% of the rural population still lacking access to safe water. Sanitation coverage is estimated at 14% – way behind the Millennium Development Goals Target of 54%.

As part of the HSBC Water Programme, WaterAid in Ghana will bring safe water to over 120,000 people and sanitation to over 80,000 people in five years. Look out for the blogs from HSBC staff in Ghana and learn about how the first steps towards this huge project are taking shape.