HSBC Water Programme comes to life in Ghana

A global team of HSBC staff visited Ghana in November to meet with communities that will benefit from the support of WaterAid and the HSBC Water Programme. With HSBC's support, WaterAid Ghana will reach over 120,000 people with safe water and over 80,000 with sanitation.


18 Dec 2012 | Ghana

Sue Alexander, HSBC's Senior Manager of Environmental Programmes, said: "My week in Ghana has shown me that the HSBC Water Programme is coming to life; it's all about the communities, it's all about the people and that's what WaterAid has really demonstrated to me this week."

The HSBC team left their bases in Brazil, Dubai, Hong Kong, North America and the UK to visit two districts in Ghana's Eastern Region: Birim North and Kwahu North. In addition to visiting new pre-intervention project areas, the group visited a post-intervention project to see the difference safe water, sanitation and hygiene has already made.

Ibrahim Musah, Head of Policy and Partnerships at WaterAid Ghana, said: "Together with HSBC and our local partners, communities will not only benefit from improved access to safe water and sanitation, they will also learn about hygiene and implementing and maintaining new infrastructure."

At the end of the visit HSBC staff also took the time to meet with members of the Ghana WASH Journalist Network in Accra to talk about their week with WaterAid. The visit coincided with the week before World Toilet Day, on 19 November 2012. Sanitation coverage in Ghana is estimated at 14% - way behind the Millennium Development Goals Target of 54%. Around 20% of the rural population lack access to safe water and over 20% of Ghanaians still practice open defecation.

With the support of the HSBC Water Programme, WaterAid will reach an incredible 1.1 million people with safe water and 1.9 million with sanitation over the next five years in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Ghana and Nigeria.