Madagascar team supports communities affected by Cyclone Haruna

Tropical Cyclone Haruna struck Madagascar on 22 February. Our team in Madagascar is working to help those affected by the category 2 cyclone which caused devastating floods and left nearly 10,000 people homeless.


8 Mar 2013 | Madagascar

Cyclone HarunaOn Friday 22 February 23 tropical Cyclone Haruna struck the southwest region of Madagascar, bringing gusts of wind reaching speeds of 125mph and heavy rains causing devastating floods.

Our team in Madagascar is working for the Regional Diorano WASH coalition to help those affected by the recent cyclone, which affected more than 18,000 people.

The category 2 cyclone destroyed nearly 1,500 houses, displacing nearly 10,000 people homeless and flooding more than 2,000 hectares of rice crops, and seriously damaged 7,000 hectares of other agriculture areas.

Sanitation facilities are urgently needed in the temporary displacement sites, were 9,000 people have taken shelter. Cleaning activities are required in urban areas where water has receded, to keep the area hygienic, and drinking water is still a big concern.

Miandrivazo and Morondava, two areas where we are currently working, have been affected by the floods.

In Miandrivazo, the dam has been flooded, creating a temporary break in water distribution, and the water pipes have been broken due to landslides, cutting off the supply to Telomita and Rasalimo. Meanwhile, in a local school where we are working, falling trees have destroyed the latrines.

In Betania in Morondava, 400 people have been left homeless and the floods are making access to the areas difficult.

WaterAid is buying tanks, washtubs and soaps as well as water purifiers for those who have been left without any source of clean water or sanitation. We will continue our efforts to alleviate the suffering of the population affected.