Five predictions for 2014

WaterAid staff around the world share their hopes and fears about the year ahead, and achieving our vision of universal access to water, sanitation and hygiene by 2030...


22 Jan 2014

Nelson Gomonda, WaterAid Pan-Africa:
"Africa's leaders will cast a spot-light on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) at Africa Water Week and AfricSan. But presidential and parliamentary elections due to take place in several nations (South Africa, Botswana, Algeria, Mozambique, Namibia and Niger), coupled with cases of conflict in West and East Africa, will continue to undermine the much desired focus on WASH across Africa as a whole."

Anna Schön, WaterAid Sweden:
"I hope that more people, decision-makers and stakeholders will stand behind our vision of universal access to WASH by 2030. The talks to decide the post-2015 development framework will move into the final stages. We're working flat-out with our partners to ensure WASH remains high on the agenda. 

"Outside the corridors of power I hope that the notion of safe water for all will become something that everybody can agree on, no matter your nationality, political view or life situation – water is fundamental for all and must be accessible for all."

Fendrey Randrianatoandro, 10, (in black and orange) smiles with friends whilst washing in clean water from the tap installed at school in Madagascar.

Fendrey Randrianatoandro, 10, smiles with friends whilst washing in clean water from the tap installed at his school in Madagascar. Photographer credit: WaterAid/Anna Kari.

Lisa Schechtman, WaterAid America:
"It’s already a great year for WASH, with increased attention from the US Congress, the Gates Foundation, and health and nutrition partners worldwide. 

"Our new multi-country sanitation advocacy campaign will raise our profile in India, Ghana and Senegal, and increase access to toilets for all. The WaterAid America team will be creating more WASH champions in the US Congress, increasing WASH funding and momentum on the Water for the World Act, which aims to improve USAID's pro-poor WASH focus."

Kirrily Johns, WaterAid Australia:
"We hope for increased understanding of and support for the importance of water, toilets and hygiene in improving poor people's lives around the world. We want everyone to understand that they can make a difference and help transform people's lives whether it is with a small or large donation, talking about the issues, organising a charity event or lobbying governments. 

"If we all do one small thing we can hope one day for a world where everyone, everywhere can live free from the tyranny of an existence without safe water and toilets."

Chris Wainwright, WaterAid UK:
"All of our communications will be talking about our aim to get safe water and basic sanitation to everyone, everywhere by 2030. It's an ambitious goal but one that we know is achievable through a combination of practical work and policy work. 

"The feedback from the global public so far has been overwhelmingly positive, so we're confident that in 2014 even more people will get behind us."