Request for proposals – lessons from public behaviour change campaigns

WaterAid is seeking proposals for analysing and drawing lessons from existing and past approaches in conducting public information and behaviour change campaigns.


29 Jan 2016

Hygiene (defined as the use of toilets and handwashing with soap) suffers from neglect – as a public health intervention, in international development policy interventions, in national policy priorities and in national and global monitoring frameworks.

This neglect is partly driven by a lack of knowledge and experience on what constitutes an effective behaviour change strategy.

As part of our Global Strategy, WaterAid has adopted a global aim on hygiene, to reverse this neglect as well as effectively implement hygiene approaches through our own programmes.

To do so effectively, we are looking for analyses of successful and also failed approaches in behaviour change strategies both within the WASH sector and beyond.

The aim of the study is to learn from existing and past approaches in conducting public information and behaviour change campaigns, to strengthen our advocacy, programmatic and monitoring approaches.

Submitting your proposal and budget for review

Consultants or teams interested in conducting this work should submit a proposal and detailed budget for review.

Individual or team expressions of interest are welcome from around the world, and will be reviewed based on staff competencies, record of previous work, quality of proposal and value for money.

Following the review of applications, the selection process will involve a meeting or conference call to discuss the application before a decision is made to award the work.

Applications should be sent to [email protected] with ‘Behaviour Change Campaigns’ in the subject line.

Applications must be submitted in a single document, no later than 29 January 2016.

Find out more and download the terms of reference [PDF] >