Request for proposals – Political prioritisation and course correction in sanitation

WaterAid is seeking proposals for analysing the sanitation sector trajectories in developing countries where there has been high-level political will. The aim is to understand the political economy of the prioritisation of sanitation throughout the government machinery, and the review and coordination mechanisms that enable course correction.


16 Oct 2015

A strong sector is crucial to deliver sustainable sanitation services that leave no one behind and result in universal access by 2030. In a traditionally neglected sector like sanitation, the cornerstone needs to be high-level political will. But how can high-level political will lead to a strong sector? The experiences from several countries show that this will needs to permeate throughout government machinery in the form of increased prioritisation, and be accompanied by course correction to address blockages and emerging challenges.

The research aims to explore these questions:

  • How do incentives (political economy) shape how and the extent to which high-level political will is translated into prioritisation of sanitation throughout the government machinery?
  • What coordination and review mechanisms are required to enable timely course correction and tackle existing obstacles in the sector? 
  • How do these two issues (incentives and coordination/review mechanisms) interrelate? 

At this stage WaterAid is requesting short proposals (2000-3000 words) by 16 October 2015.

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